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Oy Vegan App review: VegOut and VeganXpress

Veg­Out and Veg­anX­press: iphone apps for the vegetarian/vegan who likes to dine out.

If you love to eat out, then these apps are for you. Have you ever been in an unfa­mil­iar city and won­dered what you were going to eat for dinner?

Veg­Out, the veg­e­tar­ian restau­rant guide for the iphone, helps you search sur­round­ing restau­rants for veg­e­tar­ian and vegan friendly options, and depend­ing where you are, finds the clos­est veg­gie joints in town . Using your loca­tion, Veg­Out pulls up the clos­est restau­rant options for veg­e­tar­i­ans and veg­ans, shows you how they’ve been rated and lets you read reviews to help you with your deci­sion . It also shows you where the restau­rants are located using google maps.

VegOut map

I’ve used this app plenty in Toronto and sur­round­ing areas. It’s very effec­tive. I really enjoy read­ing the reviews before I make a deci­sion. If you’re already a yelp, urbans­poon or chowhound browser, this app gives you a quick way of locat­ing a great place to eat and read­ing about it before­hand. I’ve also used this app in New York City and Las Vegas. It’s great for travel. It also allows you to save cer­tain restau­rants as favourites so you can refer back to them easily.

VegOut list

Veg­Out is $2.99 in the App Store. I think it’s worth it, con­sid­er­ing how often I use it. It has a wealth of knowl­edge. I even learn about new restau­rants in my own city just from brows­ing through it from time to time. Being pow­ered by doesn’t hurt. If you’re veg­e­tar­ian or vegan, hope­fully you are famil­iar with them. If not, I def­i­nitely rec­om­mend check­ing them out! Hap­py­cow is the global online restau­rant guide for veg­e­tar­i­ans and veg­ans and it’s been around since ’99. In my trav­els around Asia and India, I fre­quently used Hap­py­cow. If only I had had an iphone with Veg­Out, things might have been easier.

Veg­anX­press comes highly rated in the App Store. I down­loaded this app recently for a whop­ping $1.99. This app claims to give veg­ans “menu and shop­ping assis­tance”. It lists the vegan menu items found in the top fast food chains in the US, Canada and the UK . While it is inter­est­ing, a lot of the infor­ma­tion is just plain com­mon sense. For exam­ple, it lists one of the viable vegan menu items at McDonald’s as a “pre­mium Asian Salad with­out the chicken” well… yah, thanks for that. This part of the app is use­ful for those times when you find your­self at one of these chains for some weird and inex­plic­a­ble rea­son– like a work party? Sure.

VeganXpress ff chain list

Another inter­est­ing fea­ture of the app is the alco­hol sec­tion. It informs you what beers and wines are vegan.  For exam­ple Alexan­der Keith’s is vegan while Guin­ness is not. So if you’re a drinker, this might be a good app to download.There is also a sec­tion with a list of vegan prod­ucts that can be found in the gro­cery store.

veganXpress beer list

Veg­anX­press is an inter­est­ing app. I’m not sure how much I’ll be using it. If I had to choose between it and Veg­Out, I would def­i­nitely choose Veg­Out. But I do like din­ing out so maybe I’m biased.

Nonethe­less, here are two vegan apps worth down­load­ing to your iphone. Oy Vegan!


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