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Oy Vegan Restaurant Review: Hogtown Vegan

So fel­low Jared and I vis­ited Hog­town Vegan for din­ner on a Sun­day evening last month. When we walked in we were pleas­antly sur­prised by the cozy atmos­phere. The restau­rant pro­vided a warm refuge from the brisk fall air. We also noted that it was almost full, an impres­sive feat for a Sun­day night in the restau­rant biz.

Our server was friendly, knowl­edge­able and totally into the food, which, as a food lover, is always excit­ing. We ordered the chipo­tle mac n’ “cheese” to start and the reuban sand­wich and unchicken burger to share for our mains. The burger and the sand­wich came with a choice of fries, caeser salad, or sauteed col­lard greens. We ordered the salad and the greens.

The mac n “cheese” was deli­cious. I’m not sure how they did it, but the “cheese” sauce was superb. One of the best fake cheese sauces I’ve ever had. Both sand­wiches were lovely. I espe­cially liked the reuben which was com­prised of their own home-made sei­tan, a slaw of sauer­kraut, alphal­pha sprouts, gar­lic but­ter, and horse­rad­ish mayo on pumper­nickel rye. This is their sig­na­ture dish if you’re won­der­ing what to get. I highly rec­om­mend it!

The price point was also very rea­son­able. $11 for a sand­wich with a side of super tasty vegan caeser salad or gar­licky col­lard greens (which I couldn’t stop eat­ing). We left feel­ing sati­ated and pleased with our expe­ri­ence instead of bloated and lethar­gic like most peo­ple feel after a trip to a diner. So, if you’re look­ing for com­pas­sion­ate com­fort food, look no further.

Oy vegan! gives Hog­town Vegan 2 kosher thumbs up!


Hog­town Vegan in Toronto is located at 834 Bloor St W. Hours: MON-FRI 5pm-11pm SAT/ SUN 11:30am-11pm  Con­tact: 416 901 9779

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