VeJEWtarian’s first visit to Cedar Row Farm Sanctuary

Let me tell you that I had been look­ing for­ward to this Earth Day visit to Cedar Row Farm Sanc­tu­ary like a sci­ence lov­ing child is excited to go on a schooltrip to the Sci­ence Cen­tre. And that child really likes sci­ence, a lot!

I stayed over at Jamie and Jared’s place so that I could be ready bright and early for the day ahead of me. I had my rain­boots, jacket, veJEW­tar­ian tee (that I cre­ated the design for and Jamie so lov­ingly ironed on to the shirts), and other such attire that I didn’t mind get­ting dirty. We gob­bled down our vegan break­fast sand­wiches pre­pared by Jared, scooped up two car­tons of blue­berry muffins Jamie baked the night before, and were out the door to pick up the other mem­bers of veJEW­tar­ian along the way.

It was about a 2 hour drive up to the sanc­tu­ary, but the long drive was worth it. Upon arrival, we were wel­comed warmly by Peter Poole, hus­band and co-owner of Cedar Row with his wife Siob­han. He intro­duced us to more than a few mem­bers of the Cedar Row Farm fam­ily: Zebrah (the hen), Char­lie (the cow), Chick­pea (the cow), two lively and insep­a­ra­ble baby goats, and the newest addi­tion to the group: Lit­tle Pig!

Photo Cred: Sasha Rae Arfin

Our first task required us to shovel dirt and old hay out of a small barn, wheel-barrel it around to the back and dump it behind the barns. Pete showed me what the pile we were cre­at­ing would soon become — good qual­ity fertilizer/manure which they sell called ‘com­pas­sion­ate com­post’. One of the most fun tasks we did all day, in my opin­ion, was break­ing apart a haystack and spread­ing it around the yard for the ani­mals to nuz­zle, set­tle into and enjoy! My sis­ter even said to me, as we watched the ani­mals get com­fort­able in that fresh hay: “Isn’t it great? We get to see the imme­di­ate results of our hard work!”

Photo Cred: Jan­ice R. Jane­takes

We broke for lunch and shared our food with the Poole fam­ily, their kids included! We munched on Jared’s jerk tofu wraps (home­made jerk tofu, veg­e­naise, sriracha sauce, toma­toes and let­tuce), Janice’s lovely berry salad, and Siob­han remarked that Brandon’s first ever vegan brown­ies were the best she’s ever had! While we ate, Siob­han shared with us the story of one of their cows, Char­lie. She found him as a calf run­ning on the side of the road in the cold of win­ter, and she was just on her way to Cosco for a cof­fee! She strug­gled but suc­ceeded in get­ting Char­lie into the back of her van so that she could bring him back home to safety! He is now fully grown and enjoys hang­ing out with his other cow com­pan­ion, Chickpea.

Photo Cred: Sasha Rae Arfin

The Poole fam­ily are immensely gen­er­ous and extra­or­di­nar­ily kind peo­ple who have cre­ated a really spe­cial place — a rather hefty under­tak­ing — but truly a labour of love. I think that love for these ani­mals inspires all who visit and all who vol­un­teer. It cer­tainly did me.

You can make a dona­tion to Cedar Row Farm Sanc­tu­ary here or spon­sor an ani­mal here. 100% of your dona­tions will go to the ani­mals. Last but not least, visit their web­site and like them on Face­book!

If you’re inter­ested in join­ing veJEW­tar­ian and going on out­ings such as this one, join the group on Face­book here, or send Jamie an email!

Photo Cred: Sasha Rae Arfin (taken with Instagram)

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